arranged by @limeharu

1. NCT DREAM – My First and Last MV TEASER [korean] [chinese]
2. NCT U – Vyrl Update [link1] [link2] [link3] [link4]
3. NCT DREAM – Website Update [link1] [link2]
4. NCT DREAM – V App Live (PRESS) [link]
5. NCT DREAM – Album Detail [link]
6. NCT DREAM – Vyrl Update [link]

7. NCT DREAM – [NCT LIVE] 마지막 첫사랑은 DREAM~ [link]
8. Jisung Birthday Party [clip1] [clip2] [clip3]
9. bright_ch3 Instagram Update with NCT U [link1] [link2] [link3]

10. NCT U – Masita Press Conference (PRESS) [link]
11. NCT 127 – SUM IG Update [link]
12. NCT – HAECHAN ‘Ivy Club’ Update [link]

13. NCT DREAM – Vyrl Update [link]
14. NCT 127 X NIMDLE [Doyoung] [Jaehyun]
15. NCT 127 – Simply Kpop Preview [link]
16. NCT U – Masita PressCon (PRESS) [link]
17. NCT Johnny – Vyrl Update [link1] [link2]
18. NCT U – Vyrl Update [TEN1] [TEN2]
19. NCT 127 on Weekly Idol (CUT) [link1] [link2] [link3] [link4] [link5] [link6] [link] [full ; mincho]
20.  NCT LIFE – March Released (PRESS) [link]

21. NCT DREAM – Offline Lauching EVENT Schedule NOTICE [link]


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