[INDO SUB] 160419 NCT U at The Show Warm Up Time
[INDO SUB] 160419 NCT U at KBS MV Bank Stardust 

[INDO SUB] NCT U at Mnet M2 Handcraft Project Interview BONUS
[INDO SUB] 160520 NCT U – The CELEBRITY Interview
[INDO SUB] 160522 NCT U CéCi – NEXT BIG THING Interview

[INDO SUB] 160529 NCT U at YTN Enter-K

[INDO SUB] 160608 NCT U – IQIYI Interview
[INDO SUB] 160616 NCT U at Idols of Asia Interview
 [INDO SUB] 160621 NCT U at Morning News Interview
 [ENG_DOYOUNGER] NCT U – Exclusive Interview @ SM Coex Artium

[INDO SUB] 160726 NCT 127 at KBS MV Bank Stardust
 [INDO SUB] 160816 NCT 127 at News Ade Interview

[INDO SUB] 160913 NCT DREAM Oh My 思密达 (NCT Cut)
[INDO SUB] 160922 NCT DREAM at Sohu TV Interview
[INDO SUB] 160926 NCT DREAM at Idols of Asia Interview
[INDO SUB] 160927 NCT DREAM Oh My 思密达 (NCT Cut)

[INDO SUB] 161007 NCT DREAM at iQiyi Interview
[INDO SUB] 161012 NCT DREAM TheFifthParlour Interview
[INDO SUB] 161022 NCT DREAM at IFeng Interview
[INDO SUB] 161029 NCT DREAM iQIYI Exclusive Interview
[INDO SUB] 161030 NCT DREAM Weibo Hallyu Interview
[INDO SUB] 161031 Ivy Club 16F Interview with TAEYONG, JAEHYUN & HAECHAN

[INDO SUB] 161104 Ivy Club 16F Interview with YUTA, TEN & DOYOUNG
[INDO SUB] 161114 Ivy Club 16F Interview with TAEIL, MARK & WINWIN

[INDO SUB] 161218 NCT – Doyoung & Red Velvet – Joy ‘First Chirstmas’ Special Stage Interview

[INDO SUB] 170114 NCT 127 – 31st Golden Disk Awards Backstage Interview
[INDO SUB] 170117 NCT 127 – Pops in Seoul Interview

[INDO SUB] 170210 NCT DREAM – KBS ‘Music Bank’ Interview
[INDO SUB] 170211 NCT 127 – IQIYI Interview
[INDO SUB] 170215 NCT – IVY Club 17N Interview
[INDO SUB] 170222 NCT DREAM – Sohu TV Interview
[INDO SUB] 170227 NCT DREAM – Star Interview (Part 1)

[INDO SUB] 170301 NCT DREAM – Miaopai Interview
[INDO SUB] 170304 NCT DREAM – Star Interview (Part 2)
[INDO SUB] 170315 NCT DREAM – iQiyi Interview