[INDO SUB] 160415 NCT U – KBS Super Junior Kiss The Radio (Sukira) 

by tsundere

[INDO SUB] 160420 NCT U – SBS Cultwo Show Radio

by tsundere

[INDO SUB] 160421 NCT U – MBC FM4U | Kim Shinyeong’s Hope Song

by tsundere

[INDO SUB] 160706 DJ NCT Doyoung – KBS Super Junior Kiss The Radio / Sukira

by markvelouse & sukiyakai

[INDO SUB] 160706 NCT Doyoung Sukira Special DJ (BTS)

by sukiyakai


[INDO SUB] 160801 NCT 127 – KBS Cool FM Park Jiyoon’s Music Plaza

by tsundere

[INDO SUB] 160802 NCT 127- MBC FM4U 2PM Date Radio

by markvelouse

[INDOSUB] 160804 NCT 127 at Two Man Show

by markvelouse & sukiyakai

[INDO SUB] 160811 NCT 127 at SBS Cultwo Show

by tsundere & _baekhyung_

[INDO SUB] 161220 NCT – Melon Radio DJ Star Behind

by tsundere

[ENG SUB] 161220 Melon Radio Star DJ with NCT

by Winter0201

[INDO SUB] 170111 NCT 127 – SBS Power FM Radio (Kim Changryul Old School’s Break Time)

by tsundere

[INDO SUB] 170131 NCT 127 – SBS ‘Cultwo Show’ Radio

by tsundere & sukiyakai

[INDO SUB] 170228 NCT 127 – Kangta’s Starry Night Radio

by _cherrylove99

NCT Night Night (2017)


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